Christian Speaker

The Amazing Word

A sought after speaker for Women’s Ministry events, youth groups, college chapel, campus ministries and sermon support, Kerry became a Christian at the age of 8, and now worships and serves at Oasis Community Church in Phoenix, AZ.  Her passion for Scripture memorization began in 2000.  To date, Kerry has memorized over 20 books of the Bible, as well as numerous chapters and passages, and her heart is to share with God’s people the importance of hiding His Word in their hearts.  As a teaching aid, she offers Scripture Memorization by Chapter and Book, a curriculum she wrote for starting an individual or group memorization program.
To watch and listen to Kerry recite a dramatic interpretation of Scripture, click here.
In addition to her busy speaking schedule, Kerry traverses the country as a Pageant Coach/Judge/Seminar Presenter, where she by trains women and teens in fashion, modeling, interview techniques and public speaking. She is also an accomplished Pianist, with hundreds of performances throughout Arizona, and at one time, was the Executive Producer, Creator, Writer and Host of The StyleFyle®, an award winning television show on style, fashion, art and shopping around the world.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, having been to over 125 countries.

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