Expert Training

Compatibility Consultation: We will start with an initial consultation either by phone or in person to determine our compatibility as Coach/Contestant. Your needs will be assessed, and your goals enumerated and evaluated. Then we will outline a strategy to successfully accomplish them.
Based on that strategy, your budget, time constraints, and the effort you want to expend, we will proceed with your training program.
All training will comprise pre-pageant preparation, on and off-stage presentation and post-pageant strategy, with some inclusion of the following:

Interview Techniques – panel, one-on-one, stage
Body Movement – Walking, posture, posing, turning, eye contact, placement of arms, hands, hips, shoulders, head and feet.
Wardrobe Selections – Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Interview, Production Number, personal appearance wear, rehearsal outfits, shoes, and accessories.
Overall Stage Presence – poise, charisma, attitude, and rhythm
Effective Paperwork – forms, applications, judges profile, bio-sheet development
Photography – selection of headshot, wardrobe and color instruction, posing
Communication Skills – interview, stage, media training, how to hold the microphone, vocal exercises
Talent Presentation – showmanship, costuming, staging
Sponsorship – marketing yourself and their business, ad preparation
Make up – day, evening, photography, stage
Hair – day, evening, photography, stage
Physical Fitness – figure evaluation, weight program
Miscellaneous Preparation – current events, community involvement, etc.

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